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In photos: an extreme close-up of the ruins of the collapsed building in South Florida
The images of 'Mejor vete, Cristina'
The faces of Puerto Rico
Vieques: the Puerto Rican tropical paradise that was destroyed by Hurricane Maria
Biden Campaing
Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama
Bernie or bust
Beyond Trump
Latinos in Milwaukee
Trump in Miami
Democrats together
A day without immigrants
A river of people in front of the Capitol
Pain for a new life
Pain after the shooting
A big clash in DC
A huge meeting for equality
Guns advocates in Ohio
Washington protests in 360 photos
Funeral of Jose Jose
Kate del Castillo (2017)
Undocumented immigrants under the lights (2018)
Border women (2018)
Kamala Harris (2019)
Zachary Manuz, project 'Second Chance' (2020)
Diane Guerrero (2016)
Laurín Ramos (2017)
Parkland survivors (2017)
Haitians in Miami (2019)
Bryan Cranston (2016)
Daisy Fuentes (2016)
Ignacio Calderin (2018)
“The Latino does not vote because he feels ignored” (2019)
Alicia Weber (2016)
Chacha Quiñones, project 'Second Chance'  (2019)
Cory Booker (2019)
Angel Sanchez (2018)
Nacho (2017)
Maluma (2017)
From 9/11 to the chaotic retreat in Kabul: the US war against the Taliban in 20 photos
Immigrant workers from a century ago
In search of Pancho Villa
Latino migrants by Dorothea Lange
The attacks on the United States Capitol
From poppy to synthetic drugs
The attack on Pearl Harbor
The photos that should not be repeated
The immense border between the United States and Mexico
History in photos of Cuban immigration.
The Hidden Nuclear Tests in United States
The inaugurations
Central American gangs in America
The end of World War II
Extreme weather is real: a view from space
The 6-day war in photos
interactive photos of the fall of Saigon and the chaos at Kabul airport
Interactive Photographs: the before and after of the building that collapsed north of Miami Beach
Biden vs Trump
New York before and after 9/11
Chernobyl: Reality vs. fiction
Before and after the California fires
The end of Bin Laden vs the end of al-Baghdadi in the White House
The port of Beirut before and after the monstrous explosion.
Comparison in photographs of the interrogations of Anita Hill and Christine Blasey Ford
Analysis of a photograph of the event where the covid-19 spread in the White House
Joe Biden
Kamala Harris
John F. Kennedy
Donald Trump
Usain Bolt
Hillary Clinton
Donato Dicamillo
Jorge Taboada
Sergio Tapiro
Tom Kiefer
Santiago Arau
Yana Mazurkevich
Santiago Borja
Graphic Art
Messi leaves Barcelona ... and leaves the Spanish treasury without the millions of the "most expensi
Trump vs Biden
Trump vs Putin
China and Venezuela relations
Manipulated elections
Conspiracy theories
Stacy Abrams
Los ataques sónicos
the immigrants who helped create the vaccines
Chronology of the attack on Congress.
Cabinet of billionaires
The best companies to find a job
The Detector of Univision Noticias
Money and politics


Studio Photo
D'latinos Magazine. Miami (2020)
Playboy Venezuela (2012)
Playboy Venezuela (2012)
Playboy Venezuela (2012)
Bienestar magazine, Colombia (2020)
Bienmesabe magazine (2007)
Estampas magazine. Venezuela. (2014)
Dominical Magazine (2005)
Bienmesabe magazine. (2007)
Novias Magazine. (2013)
Bienmesabe magazine. (2007)
Dominical magazine (2009)
Playboy Venezuela (2012)
Playboy Venezuela (2011)
Todo en Domingo. El Nacional. (2013)
Eme magazine. (2006)
Variedades. (2011)
Variedades magazine. (2012)
Bienmesabe magazine. (2007)
Dominical magazine (2006)
Bienmesabe magazine. (2007)
Estampas magazine. (2013)
Novias Magazine. (2012)
Farmatodo magazine. Caracas, Venezuela.
Variedades magazine. (2013)
Variedades magazine. (2013)
Playboy Venezuela (2012)
'Bolívar, ciudad de la memoria' (1999-2005)
'Bolívar, ciudad de la memoria' (1999-2005)
'Bolívar, ciudad de la memoria' (1999-2005)
Lucha libre mexicana (2016)
Behind Miss Venezuela pageant (2000-2004)
Venezuelan Baseball, 2003
Behind Miss Venezuela pageant (2000-2004)
Behind Miss Venezuela pageant (2000-2004)
Coup against Hugo Chavez (2002)
Caracas, the city of the 'mototaxi'.
The street against the Chavez regime (2002)
The street against the Chavez regime (2002)
The Marked Skins of Mexico City (2016)
El Callao, a Caribbean town in the middle of the jungle (1999-2005)
El Callao, a Caribbean town in the middle of the jungle (1999-2005)
El Callao, a Caribbean town in the middle of the jungle (1999-2005)
The fatal crash of West Caribbean flight 708 (2005)
Charreadas in San Antonio, Texas (2004)
Professional boxing south of Houston, Texas (2004)
'Bolamán', a character from Cartagena de Indias, Colombia (2002)
Corpus Christi in Chuao de la Costa, Venezuela (1997)
Michelle Galván (2018)
Undocumented Immigrant (2017)
Ilia Calderón, journalist (2019)
Kamla Harris (2019)
Bernie Sanders (2019)
Ilia Calderón, journalist (2018)
Adriano González León, writer (2008)
Jorge Ramos, journalist (2017)
Juanes (2018)
Melissa Wolf, actress. (2005)
Monica Spear, actress. (2007)
Raul de Molina (2019)
Helena Ibarra, chef. (2007)
Eva Ekvall (2007)
Salvador Garmendia, Writer. (1998)
Ricky Martin (2018)
Andreina Pinto, Olympic swimmer (2008)
Pamela Silva (2017)
Francisca Lachapelle (2019)
Pete Buttigieg (2019)
Estefanía López, actress (2008)
Luis Fonsi (2019)
Rosalinda Serfati, actress (2007)
Luis Chataing, radio host. (2007)
Andrea Matties, model. (2006)
Gledys Ibarra. (2007)

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